1. Annawon has worked with Emerson College, and me, for the last two years to bring together a Native American Cultural Arts celebration. The Emerson community thrives on diversity but was, unsurprisingly, lacking in cross campus recognition of Native cultures and histories. I came to the college a few years ago to work as an academic coordinator for international education in English, and from my own background educationally and culturally with the Cherokee Nation I was invested in engaging the community with contemporary Native cultures. I was steered to Annawon's knowledge, activism, and educational activities as a great way to bring this hope to life at Emerson. Annawon brought to Emerson two amazing programs on Wampanoag history and culture, and an in depth cultural and geographical analysis of varying Native traditional dance. He assembled a stellar professional crew of dancers and educators in their own right to enlighten the Emerson community on Native cultures, traditions, and a brilliant geographical analysis of the historic backgrounds of each dance. I am thrilled we have created an ongoing relationship that keeps building with each year's event. In particular, the event is held the week before thanskgiving, day of mourning, as a means to engage the community in understanding the roots of the history and partake in contemporary Native life and perspectives. Annawon Weeden is an amazing leader and educator who I highly recommend. Emerson College appreciates the association and ongoing relationship with Annawon.

    1. I wrote this comment: Jeremy Heflin, the Associate Director of English Language Learning, Emerson College.


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